My Life Story

I was born in North London on 18th November, the fourth of five children. While attending school, I learnt the piano and violin, playing the latter in the borough youth orchestra until I was 20. 

After completing my A levels in languages at college, I worked first in retail and then joined British Airways as a longhaul stewardess. At that time, I also joined a camera club where I met my husband.

I continued to fly until the birth of my daughter when I successfully applied within BA to become an instructor in safety and emergency procedures, training both flight and cabin crew. While there, I became increasingly interested in computers and the internet.

Working up to senior instructor, I headed some prestigeous projects such as going to Seattle to work with Boeing to complete the 777 airworthiness certificate by conducting a successful evacuation demonstration against the clock. Following lessons learnt on this project, I made a number of recommendations to alter the crew evacuation training procedures, which were put into immediate effect. I also led the project for the department to implement a major culture-change programme based on human factors training for all 16,000 BA cabin crew.

For two years, I took time out from training to co-present four series of an ITV nationally networked programme called, about life on the internet. At the same time, I was involved as a reporter for an in-house weekly magazine TV programme.

When a number of senior trainers in the department were offered severance in 1999, I decided to take it and have a career break. From Easter until Christmas 2000, I worked back at BA as a training consultant, designing and programming computer-based training courses for flight and cabin crew.

At the start of 2002 I went back to work full-time, joining a US-based TV shopping channel called QVC, working at the London HQ by Chelsea Bridge. Perhaps because of its American heritage, the culture of the staff is friendly, open and fun. In the 15 years since it started, the business has been growing at a phenomenal rate with the average turn-over per day exceeding 1 million.

My role in Corporate Training & Development as a Training Advisor allows me to work in all areas of the business. I've expanded my skill-set to incorporate coaching at all levels, personality profiling using Myers Briggs, management and leadership training, extensive training course design (e.g. assertiveness skills, branding, stress awareness, etc) and designing and delivering multiple day workshop/conferences twice a year for the top 90 managers in the business, with themes ranging from business strategy and systems thinking to the latest leadership developments. My job is challenging, varied and I get to work with everyone from the staff in the post-room to the CEO. I feel fortunate to have a job I love so much in a company I feel so at home in.

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